New To Me

Moda Love Block

I haven’t been quilting long (just a few years) but it always seems that when I feel like I know the basics I am surprised with all the knowledge out there and the new information I am finding out!  So today I am going to bring to you a “new to me” tip that I have discovered and I feel has helped me out!

While watching the new free pattern tutorial video from Kimberly at The Fat Quarter Shop (you can find it here) she mentioned that she presses her seams flat and then presses them either open or to the side.  I have never heard of doing the pressing that way so I wanted to try it out.  It is suppose to set your seams so there is less movement when piecing or cutting.

I gave this a try and I was most pleased with the outcome!  I would have a lot of issues of my fabric looking all kooky after I ironed open my half square triangles and at times after I squared them they wouldn’t even be close to the size I needed them to be.  Now I am trimming less off and they are looking a little more square when I press them open.

Now from researching this little tip I know some feel that you don’t need to do this, so I am not sure if it depends on how you press something too.  I tend to use the nose of my iron to press items open and my grandmother always said not to do that and to just hold the piece open with your fingers and then carefully remove your fingers as you bring your iron down on top of your piece.  When pressing my seams flat first I am still able to do my method of ironing and have a successful outcome.

What are your thoughts?

Back to the daily

Kids are back at school which means great sewing to be done while my other two littles take their naps in the afternoon!  Yay! I have been a part of a swap again and I loved it!  It was the #verycherryswap over at Instagram!  If you haven’t become a part of Instagram you must check it out!  The inspiration and quilting community over there is pretty great!  Anyways, the swap I was a part of was themed with cherries and you could make any craft you liked be it sewing, needlework, etc as long as it involved something cherry!  I got done with mine early so I sent it over to my wonderful partner even though the deadline wasn’t until the end of the month!

cherry swap sent

I made her a cute Cherry Pie Mini pattern by Fig Tree & Co.  using Bonnie and Camille fabrics which is one of her favorite designers.  Made it easy on me because I was able to just use what I already had at home!  I also made her this cute burlap banner with Bonnie and Camille’s line Scrumptious as the accent.  Turned out way cute and I am going to add some to my shop if you want to check it out!  Then of course I added all sorts of cherry themed goodies, like cherry Pepsi lip balm, cherry Haribo gummies, and Miss Kate….. Yeah I know there are no cherries in the Miss Kate line but it was red! ;)

Cherry swap received

I got my package in the mail the other day from my partner Raquel (@colourmehappy88) and she did a fantastic job spoiling me rotten!  A beautiful mini, bag, and extras for me AND my kids!  She is so kind!!!  Thanks again Raquel!  If you want to see more pictures you can follow along with me @fedewala on Instagram.

I am declaring myself a swap junkie though because I have now become a part of a Block swap that occurs every month where you send out two blocks to two different people and you get two back.

swap block 1

This pattern for my block is from the Aurifil’s block of the month and it was designed by Camille Roskelly.  Fabric is from my scrap bin and are all from various Bonnie and Camille’s older lines for Moda.

Swap block 2


This one is also designed by Camille Roskelly for Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine and it is the mini Cherrio pattern but I didn’t do as many block as she did to meet with the guidelines of the swap :)  Fabric again is from my scrap bin and are older lines of Bonnie and Camille’s.  Both are very fun to put together and I love using all of those Bonnie and Camille lines together!

Here are the two that I made and I will make sure to post the others as I get them done.


What have you been up to?